You Deserve a Seat!

As I reflect on my journey up until this point, I can reflect back moments and say, "Only You God." There were times in meetings, in deliberations and in negotiations, I was according to the, "unspoken rules," the least likely and the most unlikely to have a seat at the table.

It could very well appear that I had more thing to disqualify me than qualify me. From my background to even my balance sheet (at one time), the odds seems less favorable towards me. However, the qualifications that man has for promotion to the table, are far different than God's plan for your appointment at the table. And trust me, there is a difference!

While some may be at the table by temporal status, those (like myself) appointed by God are at the table for His eternal purpose and plan. So your seat at the table may not be because of your last name, what college you went to or your net worth. You may merely be at the table by shear humility and obedience to God's Sovereignty over your life.

So don't question your seat at the table and don't undermine the importance and value of being there. Do not feel the need to compensate who you are now you are at the table because being you got you there and it's what will keep you there. Know that your seat at the table will grow you, develop you and prune you for great vision and manifestation of your purpose. Again, do not doubt your seat: you deserve to be there. Instead, pull up a chair, sit confident and assured and let God use you at the table.

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